family, friends, neighbors or professionals.
The individual may be living alone, with a loved one or in a living situation designed for the aging adult. The goal remains the same: caring to promote the individuals well being and dignity.


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Caregiving is not easy

  • The individual may not believe they need assistance.
  • They may not remember they have a disease that affects their ability to remain independent.
  • The caregiver may be working full time and feel conflicted and stressed about their roles at home, work and with their loved one’s needs.
  • The caregiver may be elderly and have their own health needs.
  • The caregiver may feel alone and isolated and ill equipped for the needs of their loved one

These are only a few of the challenges caregivers face. The articles presented in this section are written to help navigate your journey in being a care partner for your loved one with dementia. Disease process as well as issues caregivers face on a daily basis are discussed. Links are provided to professional organizations that specialize in the area discussed.

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The loss of a loved one...

Whether following a long illness, or a sudden death, the loss of a loved one is never easy. Grief is painful, individual process. There is no right or wrong way to grief. This topic deserves a much longer discussion (which will be added later), but I wanted to share this poem that someone sent me this week that speaks so well of how many of experience grief.


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Celebrating the holiday season when your loved one has dementia

Holiday gatherings bring joy to family and friends, to celebrate traditions of the season.  But there is also added stress when dementia is added to the equation.  In this article, we will explore some strategies to cope with new challenges caregivers may face with these get-togethers. Here are some situations and suggestions to consider when planning to visit friends and family during the holiday season.

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