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Increasing Resilience for Older Adults & Families September 20, 2019 11:00-12:30 Location: 29466 Pintail Drive, #9 Easton, MD presented by Maggie Black, Psy.D.

Please note date change. Due to office renovations, now being presented September 20, 2019. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will join us this fall

Bouncing back from illness or other life challenges gets harder as we age. This live-in-person workshop will focus on the cognitive-behavioral, emotional, and mindfulness evidence-based methods that have been shown to foster resilience. Strategies to overcome reluctance that some older adults may have about seeking mental health treatment and/or employing new approaches to challenges will also be reviewed.

Perhaps you aren't recalling names, places, or having difficulty doing normal, everyday tasks. Or maybe your loved one's memory? Contact us today about a memory screen. Click here for more information

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Caregiver Support Group: Monday, September 16, 2019 @ 1pm at Brookletts Place Talbot County Senior Center. Guest speaker: Yvonne Liswell, FNP-BC

Increasing Resilience for Older Adults & Families September 20, 2019 11:00-12:30 Speaker: Dr. Maggie Black

When life throws us curve balls

The challenges we face as we age, whether you are a "younger" or "older" adult, can be difficult. This can include declining physical health of yourself or a loved one, loss of independence, dementia, fatigue from caregiving, or issues of grief & loss. Your family may be  emotionally or physically unavailable. Sometimes, these challenges lead to symptoms of depression and/or anxiety.

At Shore Neurocognitive Health, we work with adults of all stages. Perhaps your are a "younger" or "older" adult struggling with anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. Call today and we will work on your challenges together!

Shore Neurocognitive Health, located on the eastern shore of Maryland, is a woman-owned private practice focused on older adults.


We are often asked what (professional) books we are reading. Colleagues and clients will pop over to our bookshelves to see what materials might help them better understand issues as well. We are avid readers, trying to always find materials to add to our toolbox to improve knowledge and skills.

As a response, we have started “Our Bookshelf”, a page describing some of the books in our professional libraries. By no means all inclusive, it will give you an idea of what you might find in our office. All books on “Our Bookshelf” are linked to Amazon.com for your convenience. Please feel free to purchase this book from any bookseller, borrow from a colleague or from your local library.

We also have started (an internal) professional book club. Some books have been on our shelves for awhile, and some are brand new, but all are based on topics we are finding relevant to our current practice. You will find this book highlighted.

The bookshelf will be expanding, so we appreciate your patience as we add to the list. We hope you find this new feature helpful in your own personal and professional journey.


Yvonne Liswell, FNP-BC joins Shore Neurocognitive Health

We are pleased to announce Yvonne Lisell, FNP-BC, has joined Shore Neurocognitive Health. Ms. Liswell is a board certified family nurse practitioner who has specialized in older adults and their families. She joins Maggie Black, Psy.D and Beth Parker-O’Brien, LCSW-C, MPH at Shore Neurocognitive Health, rounding out the practice with psychiatric treatment of the issues adults face as they age. “We feel fortunate to add Yvonne Liswell to our team,” said Beth Parker-O’Brien, owner of Shore Neurocognitive Health. “A full time nurse practitioner allows us to use psychiatric medications to treat our clients more quickly and effectively,” she further stated.

Ms. Liswell’s practice includes medication management of neurocognitive and psychogenic conditions. These include depression, anxiety, dementia, and post-traumatic stress. Shore Neurocognitive Health, in collaboration with local providers and organizations, assists in providing comprehensive care to individuals, families, and caregivers. Now accepting new clients, appointments can be made by contacting Shore Neurocognitive Health at 443-746-3698.

Driving as we age

Most of us don’t want to give up driving when we “reach that certain age.” Driving signifies coming of age, independence and a way to get to the grocery store. None of us want to believe that as we age, we aren’t as safe to drive as we once were.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are more than 42 million licenesed drivers over the age of 65. Fatal crashes increase in those drivers past the age of 70, with greater risk for those over 85.

But you might say to yourself (or your family) that you are the exception. You have been driving since you were 16, and have never had a ticket or accident. Yet individuals over the age of 65 are more likely to have medical problems and taking more medications than those between the ages of 24-64. Changes in memory, functioning, reaction time as well as changes in attention and concentration all can potentially impact the ability to drive safely.

Please be honest with yourself, your doctor and your family about the risk of driving as you age. The ability to drive safely not only impacts the individual but also impacts the general public. For more information about safe driving tips, please visit the CDC.

Shore Neurocognitive Health

We are growing! Located in Easton, Maryland, our staff, including licensed clinical social worker, psychologist and nurse practitioner, provide caregiver support and education, psychotherapy, memory screening and neuro-psychological testing. In addition, we offer limited medication management services.  We look forward to meeting you. Learn more

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We are dedicated to providing up-to-date information regarding medical and psychological issues facing the older adult and their loved ones.  Information on this website is seen as conversation starters for family and friends, to be continued with your healthcare providers. Links to national websites and resources are provided as seen appropriate. Learn more about Partners in Care

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We offer a variety of programs to help you better cope with and manage issues facing you and your loved ones. Click below to learn more about our educational programs and caregiver support groups. Explore our training programs for the professional caregiver. Learn more about Caregiver Events and Professional Events



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