Welcome to our new “Bookshelf” page. We are often asked as professionals, what are we reading; what is on our bookshelf? This is such an excellent question as we are passionate about learning, expanding our knowledge to improve our skills, with the goal to better help our patients, families, community and other professionals.

So we will start sharing some of the books on our shelves. Now, we don’t get any endorsement or review money for these books. Some are new, some not so new, but books we are finding helpful in our practice. This list will be expanding regularly. We are starting the list small on August 28, 2019. It is currently organized by the authors last name, but we will reorganize it soon by topic. (We appreciate your patience.)

In our office, we have a monthly book club, generally picked based upon topics that are relevant to our practice. That book will be highlighted at the top. Again, not all books are brand new, but may be “re-reads” for us help us look at a topic again, with perhaps a slightly different view. We have included links to Amazon, but feel free to purchase the book at any bookshop convenient to you. We hope our bookshelf helps you as well.

Beth, Maggie & Yvonne