Eat your vegetables (for better brain health)


According to a recent post from the National Institute on Aging, research has shown that eating leafy green vegetables is associated with slowing cognitive decline. Researchers at the Rush Memory and Aging Project followed 960 adults ages 58-99 over an average of 4.7 years. They determined by eating a median of 1.3 servings per day, individuals were cognitively 11 years younger than those who ate 0.09 servings per day.

So how much is a serving? One cup of vegetables equal 1 serving or about the size of a small fist. There are lots of diets out there, but adding this to your daily diet makes good brain sense. We're not dieticians, but a quick google search found a plethora of recipes.  I am a sucker for photographs, so the one from Cooking Light caught my eye (and taste buds), immediately. 

Whether you make a big salad, add green veggies to your favorite recipe, the bottom line is, by adding just one cup of leafy green veggies to your daily diet, your brain benefits. Go for it!